Technical description of the buildings
The building contractor

Türi Residential Quarter is being built by Riser Ehitus, a company that has been  successfully operating in the construction industry since 2016.  By today, they have created more than 50,000 m2 of living and commercial spaces. The company uses quality, safety and environmental management systems approved by international standards and has got all the corresponding certificates by Bureau Veritas.

Kawe appreciates the innovative nature, the trustworthiness, and the dependability of their partners. During our long-term cooperation, Riser Ehitus has proven to be just that. Others have noticed this as well – Riser Ehitus was awarded the title of the best and most immaculate construction site of 2021 by the city of Tallinn.

“Riser Ehitus is characterised by enthusiasm, flexibility and caring about their customers. Together we have built the Bolt main building in the Kawe Quarter, and a new A-class energy office building is being built in Kawe City next to the Freedom Square. We’re excited to start the constructions of our first residential building together,“ said Jaanus Kosemaa, the member of the board of AS Kawe.

Date of completion

The construction of the first house (Türi 9/1) and the park will started in April 2022. The first house and the park will be completed on August 2023, the whole quarter by 2026.


The building’s load bearing walls and partitioned ceilings are made of mountable reinforced concrete panels. Its underground structural framework consists of cast reinforced concrete walls and posts, as well as a mountable intermediary ceiling that connects them.


The buildings have insulated flat roofs that are covered with adhesive-roll material. Rainwater is channelled through the building’s interior drainage and into the stormwater drainage system.

Intermediary and roof ceilings

The height of the rooms is 2.75 metres and 3.1 metres on the top floor. The intermediary ceilings use thicker-than-usual, reinforced hollow concrete panels finished with v-joints to ensure better noise insulation.

Exterior walls

The exterior building walls are made of triple-layered, insulated reinforced concrete panels. The buildings are distinguished from one another through differences in the facade rhythms and different tones of concrete. The light tone is achieved by treating the concrete facade with titanium oxide while the dark facade uses toned concrete. All concrete facades have been impregnated to ensure a more weatherproof and easier-to-clean surface. The building facades have been partially finished with wood imitation compact panels to add a visual accent.

Interior walls

The walls between apartments are usually 180 mm thick reinforced concrete wall panels. The walls are laid from stone blocks, in places where the use of panels is not sensible. In places where the use of panels is not practical, stone blocks are used. The internal walls of the apartments are double-layered gypsum board walls on a metal stud frame, filled with mineral wool.

Cosy finishing in the rooms and bathroom

The walls and ceilings have been smoothed. The principle tone of the finishing is light, with an accented wall offering character. The floor of the entrance hall contains ceramic tiles. The sanitary and some other rooms have suspended ceilings. The bathrooms are equipped with a shower or acrylic bathtub, sink and toilet. The floors and walls of the wet areas are covered with ceramic tiles. The upper part of the wall (door wall) is coated. The sanitary ceramics, according to the package, are either white or coloured using different matt tones. The rooms are finished according to the interior finishing package that is selected by the buyer.

Insulated windows and secure doors

Every apartment has highly soundproof, triple-glazed wooden or wood aluminium window assemblies. The exterior door of the apartment is a wooden door with enhanced soundproofing. The interior doors of the apartment are panel doors with glued laminated wooden frames, finished according to the selected interior finishing packaging.

Balconies and terraces

The ground-floor apartments have private terraces opening to a courtyard. The top-floor apartments have terraces with glass railings. All the other apartments have balconies with glass railings. The floors of the terraces are covered with wood composite boards and the floors of the balconies are covered with timber boards.

Economical heating system

The buildings are connected to Tallinn’s district heating. The rooms use water floor heating which can be separately adjusted in each room. Electric floor heating is used in the bathrooms.

Forced ventilation

The buildings have forced ventilation with heat recovery that can be adjusted on an apartment basis. Each apartment has an autonomous intake and exhaust system as well as a separate channel for the kitchen hood. Possibility to build cooling on the 7th floor for an extra charge.

Utility room

Selected apartments have a utility room with washing machine connections for water and waste.

Water supply and sewage

The hot water required by the apartment buildings is produced in a heating substation: the meters for the apartments’ cold and hot water are placed in the stairwell behind the suspended ceiling and located above the apartment’s exterior door. The water meters are read automatically.


All the required sockets, switches, floor heating adjusters, as well as the light fixtures for the bathroom and common spaces, have been installed. The remotely-read electricity meters are located in the basement, in the meter cabinet.


Every apartment has technical readiness for the connection of Internet and TV services from various service providers. All the buildings have fibre optic cable connections that allow for fast data communication. The apartment internal network has been developed with Cat 6 cables that are finished with RJ45 sockets.

Secure entrance and compact lobby

The main entrance of each building is a metal profile glass door that can be opened with a key, chip and intercom system with a video function. The locks for the general entrances and apartments have been serialised. The floors and stairs of the lobby are covered with ceramic tiles. All the buildings have a fast elevator.

Convenient parking and practical storage rooms

All the buildings have a shared underground closed garage with apartment-based parking spaces and storage rooms. If desired, the owner of a parking space can have a charging station for an electric car installed.

A-energy class buildings

All buildings correspond with modern energy efficiency requirements. The energy efficiency of the Türi Quarter buildings corresponds to an energy rating of A. The buildings partially obtain energy from the solar panels located on the roof of the building.

Construction warranty

All apartments and common rooms have a 2-year construction warranty.

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